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You can get a Careless & Imprudent driving ticket in Missouri for a variety of different things. Typically, an officer will give a C&I ticket when he believes your regular traffic violation was more egregious than the regular offender's violation of that same offense. In other words, whether you were speeding, following too close, weaving, or something else, the officer felt that the way you were doing it was even more dangerous or careless than most.

There are also two types of Careless and Imprudent driving tickets, C&I for most offenses, and C&I for improper passing. If you receive a C&I for most offenses, it is a 2 point violation. If you receive one for improper passing, it is a 4 point violation. You definitely don't want points on your driving record.

Prosecutors and judges do not like seeing C&I violations. They tend to think that if you got a C&I, you were acting especially irresponsibly. That's why it's important to hire a good traffic attorney to represent you in your C&I case.

At Skilled Traffic Lawyer, we can help you with your C&I ticket to help avoid points on your driving record. If you received your C&I ticket along with a DWI, check out our sister site for more info on DWI representation and pricing.