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The dreaded DWS/DWR tickets! Anyone who has dealt with a Driving While Suspended Ticket or Driving While Revoked Ticket in Missouri knows what a headache they can be.

If you received a Driving While Revoked Ticket or Driving While Suspended ticket in Missouri, it is because your license was suspended or revoked for one of many possible reasons. Sometimes, figuring out the reason is the hardest part of dealing with the ticket. Here are some (but not all) possible reasons your license could be suspended or revoked:

  • Accumulation of Points
  • Hold on your license for Failing to Appear in Court
  • Unpaid Accident Claim
  • Unpaid Child Support
  • DWI Related Suspension/Revocation
  • Medical Suspension

  • If your license is suspended or revoked for one of these (or any other) reasons and you get caught driving, the officer will give you a Driving While Suspended or Driving While Revoked ticket, and may even take you in to jail. If you plead guilty to a Driving While Revoked or Driving While Suspended ticket instead of hiring an attorney to help you fix it, you will get 12 points on your license, which will result in another automatic one-year revocation of your license.

    That's why Driving While Suspended and Driving While Revoked tickets are such a big deal. That, and the fact that even with an attorney, it is unlikely you can get your ticket fixed until you clear up the reason for your original revocation or suspension.

    The first step in taking care of a Driving While Revoked or Driving While Suspended ticket is to find out exactly what needs to be done to get your license reinstated. You can do that by calling DOR at (573) 526-2407.

    If you got your DWS or DWR ticket along with a DWI, check out our sister site to learn more about the DWI process.