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No Operator License Tickets (or No Driver License Tickets) in Missouri are tickets that are issued to people who don't currently have a valid Missouri license, either because they never had one or because their license is expired. These tickets are different from Driving While Suspended or Driving While Revoked tickets.

The number of points associated with a No Operator License or No Driver License (I'll call it a "No Op" ticket from here on out) ticket depends on whether it is your first conviction for that offense.

For a first-time No Op ticket conviction, 2 points will go on your record. For a second-time No Op ticket conviction, 4 points will go on your record, and for a third or subsequent No Op ticket conviction you will get 6 points on your record! As you can see here, 8 points is all you need for a suspension.

That's why No Op tickets are a big deal. You don't want to get even one conviction for No Op because if you do, and you get a second No Op ticket later, you're going to have a harder time getting it fixed and you'll be facing a lot of points on your record.

No Op tickets aren't always a cake walk to amend, but we have the knowledge to help you get it done at Skilled Traffic Lawyer.

If you received a No Op ticket when you were pulled over for DWI, you can learn more about the interplay between your tickets and your license case at our sister site here.